I attended my first Kino-Kabaret during Festival du Nouveau Cinéma of Montréal 2010! In less than 72h, I shot a 4'30 black comedy titled HISTOIRE DE POCHES (SANDBAGS STORY).

Gilles Renaud plays a sandbags' champion who lost his magic hand on the eve of a crucial tournament. Maxime Desjardins-Tremblay (Le Ring) completes the cast.

The movie will now take the path of film festivals...

I'm back from my 4 months Artist in Residency in Mexico. The experience was awesome!

I've written my new feature film script, titled A Mexican Dream, which I project to do as a co-production Canada-Mexico. This is a supernatural drama with shamanic accents. I'll pursue the project development in the next months.

I did shoot 13 short documentary portraits as well (lucha libre, "Holy Death" cult, Volcano Paricutin, divers of the Quebrada, Monarcs butterflies sanctuary, etc.). A new clip will be available every month on my YouTube channel. Check it out, it's free!

ÖKO is nominated for the Prix JUTRA 2010 in category "Best Animation" !!!

ÖKO is one of the finalists for the Prix Prends Ça Court! 2010.

ÖKO will be distributed by Ouat Media, partner of short films' channel Moviola.


Screening of À Mère et Marées (Of Mother and Tides) at IgorFest 2009!

Screening of ÖKO at Festival Spasm!

À Mère et Marées (Of Mother and Tides) continues its tour of festivals around the world :
- Oct 8-11th : Eerie Horror Film Festival 2009, Pennylvannie, É-U.
- Oct 21- 25th : Spooky Movies 2009, Washington, D.C, É-U.
- Oct 21- 31th : Festival La Boca del Lobo 2009, Madrid, Espagne.
- Oct 22- 25th : Sacramento Horror Film Festival 2009, Sacramento, É-U.
- Nov 5- 8th : Festival Courts Devant, Paris, France.

Documentary serie Québec en 12 lieux starting September 25th on TV5. On air every fridays at 1930, with repeats on mondays at 2230. For my part, I've directed the episodes "Madrid" (Oct 2nd), "Labrecque" (Nov 27th) and "Valcourt" (Dec 11th).

À Mère et Marées (Of mothers and tides) just won the Jury Prize at Festival Off-courts de Trouville-sur-mer, in France!

My buddy Philippe Lemieux has just received a grant (SODEC) to write our feature film project "Vache Maigre"; a sci-fi suspense. I will participate as co-screenwriter and director.

Beginning of FANTASIA Festival! This year, I present my movie ÖKO on July 24th at 1915 (

Fantasia's team has also invited me to participate in the jury for the "DIY Quebec Short FIlms"; my first experience of a kind!

An interview on À Mère et Marées (Of mothers and tides) has just been released on the french webzine CINEMA FANTASTIQUE.NET.

Good news: À Mère et Marées (Of mothers and tides) won the Grand Prix international Television at the 27th Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival!
The price is to broadcast the film on several major TV channels in Europe:

- Belgique - BeTv
- France - France 3
- France - Canal+
- Italie - Rai
- Portugal - Rtp & Onda Curta Award
- Russie - Russian State Tv
- Serbie - B92
- Espagne - Tvv
- U.K. - BBC

À Mère et Marées (Of mothers and tides) will be in competition at Cryptshow Festival in Barcelona, Spain, to be held from July 15th to 18th (


À Mère et Marées (Of mothers and tides) is aired on Tele-Quebec, on 29 April at 2230, right after The Full Monty!

À Mère et Marées (Of mothers and tides) will be in competition at A Night of Horror International Film Festival in Sydney, Australia, to be held from March 25th to April 3rd (

Öko : My first short film with puppets will be shown for the first time at the Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois (in competition) at the NFB Cinema, on 26 February in 2145.

Launch of a DVD compilation of short films by SODEC, which included À Mère et Marées (Of mother and tides).

À Mère et Marées (Of mother and tides) will be part of the next International Film Festival in Dubai (

Good news: I received a grant from Sodec to write my new short film.
This is a supernatural drama entitled Le poids du vide. It's about a boy who suffers from strange episodes of weightlessness ... I keep the veil of mystery for the moment, but I found you sooner! My script advisor is filmmaker Kim Nguyen (Truffes, Le Marais).