BROKEN FACE (Sale Gueule)
(Animation- Supernatural drama, 17min, 2014)

Loik, a sailor disfigured in the Great War, is posted on a remote lighthouse with for only company Morlaix, a chief-keeper who wants to make his life a hell.

But soon, the two men find themselves besieged by the perfect storm. Strange things start to happen… 
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(supernatural drama, HD, 13min, 2011)

Thomas suffers from strange weightlessness crises. Distressed, his mother takes every means to to bring him down to earth.

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INNER CITY (La Cité entre les Murs)
(fantasy tale with puppets, HD, 8min, 2010)

In the shadow of a city perched between two infinite walls, contacts between people are nearly impossible.
Isolated in his tiny cabin with pigeons for only company, Gus finds life bleak. But the love he feels for his neighbor gives him the desire to grow wings ...

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OF MOTHER AND TIDES (À mère et marées)
(supernatural drama, HD, 18min, 2008)

Fred’s life takes a tragic turn when he realizes he’s changing into something inhuman.As his mother wants to hide him from others, Fred has only one thing in mind: the ocean.


(retrofuturistic tale with puppets, HD, 12min, 2009)

A building lost in the middle of urban smog, a squatter girl, a curious eye on its floor...
This is the beginning of an unusual encounter between Arianne and her mysterious neighbor in this post-apocalyptic world hanging by a string.


3 days, 2 minutes, 1 movie

Competitor at this docu-reality show aired on Tele-Quebec during fall 2008.
It was a great occasion to create spontaneously in the company of famous actors and skilled technicians. Three short films are borned from this unique experience in front and behind the camera.

La poussière dans la peau

(Horror drama with Jean-Nicolas Verreault and Pascale Montpetit)

Un sommeil éternel
(Dark comedy with Emmanuel Bilodeau and Monique Spaziani)
Fièvre créatrice
(Psycho drama with Émile Proulx-Cloutier and Annick Lemay)